1.96 KeyPad release supports Sonoma

closeup photo of black computer keyboard s left side keys

This version update has been a long time coming. I had frankly given up on Keypad after a major change to MacOS 12.3 (Monterey) killed the ability to connect to TV’s etc. If that hurt, the release of MacOS 13.x (Ventura) was a death blow. Keypad stopped working for all devices that had not been setup before the user moved from Monterey to Ventura.

I tried out the app on the MacOS 14.0 (Sonoma) and it WORKS!!!!

This version 1.96 has been a long time coming. I released 1.95 and then just gave up.

I will be testing further with Sonoma, but for now this version has:

  1. Some UI updates so that the app window looks ok on Sonoma
  2. The app will not crash on Ventura(and disconnect all bluetooth devices when it starts…) that was a MacOS bug, cant believe that it has not been fixed.
  3. Added support so that user who use the on-screen MacOS keyboard can use the Shift, Control, Command, Option keys correctly (Yet another MacOS Bug that hasnt been fixed)

I hope this means that KeyPad, and Screen Mirror can come back to life and support the Keyboard.

If you read this…do try Unipad. It is an early release of features that I planned to release in KeyPad 2.0, and stopped. WatchOS support is coming…