App Crashes and restarts sometimes

This is not a quality issue with the app…but is related to the USB cable.

A user reached out to me telling me that my App kept crashing and restarting. This was the first I had heard of such an issue.

After some debugging (thanks to that user in helping me debug the issue) we figured out that changing the USB cable made a huge difference, and the crashing stopped.

Since we are displaying video at 60 frames per second, the cable has to manage sending huge amounts of data. If the cable is not able to keep up, the mac camera driver is crashing, and apple automatically restarts the app. The error looks like in my app (because the crash is attributed to Screen Mirror).

So far only a few users have raised this issue. Let me know if you find specific cables that do not work. I expect the apple cables will work, but others may not.

I have also heard that the iPad is being stringent about the cable quality, and will not start charging unless the cable is good (read manufactured by apple).