How big is the team working on KeyPad and Screen Mirror

Umm…Just one person. Me, Myself and I.

Yep. I do…

  1. App development
  2. Feature Planning
  3. Answering support request.
  4. Marketing outreach asking influencers to review it – I suck at this.
    • It is so much more fun to write features.
    • Users in other countries that I dont know how to support
  5. Web site updates
  6. Testing on all OS versions it works with
  7. User interface/User experience – I suck at this too.
    • Always open to suggestions
  8. Following up with apple when they break bluetooth again…and again.
  9. Anything else…

Not making too much money…a princely $6 to $10 across two apps per day. But still hopeful that I will hit the big time.

I have 70,000 downloads, average 4.6* ratings worldwide, with over a 1,000 5 star ratings.

This is a side hustle, that I hope will grow.

I am so looking for help with marketing.