How to get support faster

The absolutely fastest way is to send me email at there is no faster way.

I check my email at least once a day and will respond when I see it. If there is a bug, I get on it right away, I usually have a new version of the app in testflight by the end of that week.


If you leave a comment in a review asking for support.

  1. It takes between two and three days for apple to approve the review after which I will see it.
    • Maybe it does not get approved and goes into neverland
  2. I try to respond to reviews once a day
  3. Apple then takes another two days to approve my comment
  4. If it is something that I can answer I do, but:
    • If I need to share a web link, I cant, apple does not allow it.
    • If I need more data I request an email to

So likely 1 day if you email, forever if you try the review system.

There is only me. One person who works on the app, does web pages, support, everything. I make between $3 to $6 per day per app, with a few days in the year where it crosses $10. Not exactly living the life.

I am surprised as to how angry people sending negative reviews are. Chill! I’m just a one man developer with the hope that this app can make me some money.

Most people who reach out over email are pretty surprised how quickly I respond, and how much detail.

Apologies for the “Rant’y” nature of this page.