iPhone/iPad screen is off message

There are three reasons why this message comes up.

  1. You did not give the Screen Mirror app permission to use the camera; OR
  2. Your iPhone screen is off
  3. The USB connectivity is not working well

Give camera permission to the Screen Mirror App

On the Mac, go to

System Preferences | Privacy & Security | Camera

Make sure that Screen Mirror app is checked.

iPhone/iPad screen is off

There are some users who have reported this. I have seen it occur more often when the phone is an iPhone 11 or higher. There are two solutions.

  • Unplug and Plug in the iPhone/iPad over USB. Sometimes this will resolve the problem.
  • Reboot the iPhone, this usually solves the issue

It is not often that this happens, This is a solution if you run into the issue. This is not an issue with the Screen Mirror app but with the iPhone software. Other applications report this issue too.