UniPad – Support

All my apps cannot “call home” if there is a problem (see my Privacy Policy). I cannot know/fix problems that I do not know about. If there is something that is not working, I wont know till somebody tells me. I reply to all email and support requests. If you are facing an issues please reach out to tools@toolbunch.com Help me make UniPad better.

This is a new app. Let me know if there are features that you would like to see in this app. Next on my agenda is adding support for the Apple Watch.


I launch the app and only see an About Screen; now what do I do

It is not often that this happens, This is a solution if you run into the issue. This is not an issue with the Screen Mirror app but with the iPhone software. Other applications report this issue too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many iPhones or iPads can I connect to my Mac?

I’ve tried with up to 4 devices. Similarly I have tested unipad with three Mac’s switching between them to test.