Here we go again – Apple just broke bluetooth on MacOS Monterey

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This may be the 4th or 5th time that apple has broken bluetooth in the past four years. There’s almost a predictable pattern to it.

So…Keyboard and Mouse control does not work on MacOS Ventura. I have moaned about it, went through all the stages of grief and gave up. Now it looks like the bug in MacOS Ventura has been “Ported” to MacOS Monterey.

MacOS Monterey before 12.7.4 works, but with MacOS 12.7.4 it is exactly as MacOS Ventura and it does not work.

What does not work? See my previous post on Ventura. Keyboard not working with Ventura and my post on Sonoma (when it started working again). Keyboard and Mouse working with Sonoma