Keyboard not working with Ventura

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Update May 2, 2024: Keyboard and mouse is not working with Monterey too. Please help me push apple to fix their bluetooth bugs.

One of the biggest disappoints for me has been that Ventura has broken the ability for my Apps to use the keyboard to control other devices. I still have some hope that Apple will fix this.

The Problem

If you connect to the iPhone or iPad from the Mac. The connection setup is complete, but when you unplug and re-plug the USB cable, the connection over bluetooth fails.

But Apple does not have bugs…

I’m convinced it is a bug because, if you have installed my Previous app KeyPad on Monterey or earlier, and then upgraded to MacOS Ventura, KeyPad works, and if you install Screen Mirror, it works too.

So apple has carried over in an upgrade all bluetooth data for it to work.

But if you try to make a new connection…it does not.

I am testing every beta that is released by apple, in the hope that the feature will suddenly appear. I am hopeful.

If it really a no hope situation…I have an idea for a hardware product that I am prototyping. Bugs are just problems that haven’t been solved yet.