Join our TestFlight beta for 1.00

I have added Mouse and Keyboard control to Screen Mirror. Join my testflight beta to try it out. Send feedback to me at help me make ScreenMirror better.

If you are not able to use the Mouse and Keyboard please send me email at I want to make sure it is working for everybody before I release 1.00.

If you are on an earlier version of MacOS that does not support test flight, please use this link

To use KeyBoard and Mouse two caveats.

  1. Connect to the iPhone/iPad over bluetooth from System preferences once. Once the devices are paired every time you plug in over USB keystrokes on the Mac will go to the iPhone/iPad
  2. You need to tap control+option together to get full mouse control (scroll usually works without tapping the hotkey). On the iPhone, you need to enable Assistive touch (Settings | Accessibility | Touch | Assistive Touch) before you can use the mouse.

This is a limited beta trial. This will end when 1.00 is launched and available on the Mac app store.