Bluetooth Keyboard is not working

BTW: Keyboard and Mouse feature does not work with MacOS Ventura (13.0). This is a major bug in MacOS and there is nothing I can do about it. Help me push apple for a fix.

Screen Mirror uses USB to get video from the iPhone/iPad, and uses bluetooth to control your device. I have not figured out how to emulate Keyboard and Mouse over USB (Yet!).

Go to ScreenMirror preferences.

Click on “Pair iPhone/iPad over Bluetooth”

Clicking on that button is an important part of the process, as the app starts broadcasting that it is a bluetooth keyboard.

If Pair button is disabled see: Keyboard not working with Ventura

Go to Settings | Bluetooth on the iPhone/iPad. This will make your iPhone discoverable.

Select your iPhone/iPad once it appears on the Bluetooth connection dialog and connect with it.

The iPhone and the Mac will go through the pairing process. Once hte pairing is done, select the iPhone and click the select button. (Quite often the connection will say “not connected”, you can ignore this.

Unplug and replug the phone over USB. This time it will connect over bluetooth.

Click on the Screen Mirror window to select it.

Anything you type will go to the connected device.

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Advanced features…

For best control with the keyboard, on the iPhone/iPad turn on:

Settings | Accessibility | Keyboards | Full Keyboard Control