Why did I create Screen Mirror?


There are three reasons why I created Screen Mirror. I created it for myself first. It feels awesome that so many people are liking it.

See my phone screen on my Mac

Like the rest of the world, life has become about being on video calls…all the damn time. We spend so much time on Teams, Zoom, Facetime. Every time I am on a call, there will be a few people who are stealing glances at their phones. They try not to be seen, but we know what they are doing. I’m one of those.

With Screen Mirror, now I can put my phone screen on the Mac. So I look thoroughly focused on the video call, while I look at my phone.

A larger view of the Phone

A lot of seniors are using my other app KeyPad. Keypad lets you use your Mac keyboard as a bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone and iPad. Mac now has support for “Universal Control” which only supports an iPad. My version supports any device that can use a keyboard.

These users were looking for a way to type on the phone, and one request that came often was can you put the screen on the Mac. It is awkward to type on the Mac while looking at the Phone. Screen mirror still cannot type directly on the phone, but one day.

This is also useful if you want to remotely connect to a parent’s PC and help them with using their phone.

Share my Phone screen on a Video Call

So many times I have wanted to show my phone screen, and end up brandishing it in front of the Mac camera in the hope that the person on the other end can see what I am showing them. Now I just share my screen (or window) and they can see the full phone screen.

Do tell me why you came looking for Screen Mirror. tools@toolbunch.com