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Why buy hardware devices when you can emulate them with our apps

KeyPad - Keyboard and Mouse

KeyPad – Bluetooth Keyboard

Use your Mac keyboard and trackpad as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Works with Android, iOS, TV and more.

Screen Mirror over USB

Mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on the Mac. Any audio from your iDevice will be played on the Mac.

UniPad – Universal Mousepad

Use your iPhone or iPad as a mouse for your Mac. More device support and new features are coming.

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Frequently asked questions


How large is your team?

I am a one man developer, I do all the development nights and weekends. Everything you see, website, app, creative (or lack of it) is me. My users have helped me greatly by providing feedback and translations into many languages.


What is your Privacy Policy?

Our apps only have permissions to access bluetooth, camera, and capture keyboard input. The app does not have access to incoming our outgoing network connections so they cannot send any data. This has the disadvantage that the only way I can find out if something is not working is if somebody tells me.


Do I need to buy the Paid version?

You don’t. But I hope that you will. It will help support further development.

每台笔记本电脑都有键盘和蓝牙,但几乎没有人会想到笔记本电脑可以作为一个蓝牙键盘来使用。 这个想法真的很棒。

맥북을 키보드로 사용하는 앱은 많이 있지만 Mouse를 지원하는 앱 처음입니다. 가격도 저렴하고 안정적이며 버그도 거의 없는 것 같습니다.

I love this! My company does not allow us to use iCloud so Universal Control will not be an option in the future. This app even works for iPhone, universal control does not. Great app!

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