Mirror - Camera View

Mirror - Camera View

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Mirror – Camera View

Mirror is a camera view from the Mac Camera. The app is simply a means for you to quickly check in a mirror, that you are ready for your next meeting.

Mirror only has camera permission. It does not have any other permission. It cannot connect to the internet, or save an image.

  • Mirror will:
  • 1. Show you a mirrored camera view2.
  • Adjust the screen brightness so that you don’t miss anything

You can click away, or close the window to hide the camera view. It will set the brightness of the screen back to what it was before you launched it.

Mirror lives in your app toolbar always ready. Click on the icon to launch, and click on it again to hide the camera view.

You can change the position on the Mac toolbar by holding the Command key down, and then dragging the Mirror Status bar Icon to where you would like it to be.