Screen Mirror over USB

Connect your iPhone or iPad over USB to the Mac. Mirror your iDevice screen on the Mac. Watch youtube, share game view (with Audio) on the Mac.

Works with Multiple devices, plug in as many iPads and iPhones as you have.

Why you should use Screen Mirror

Larger View

Do you, or a loved one want to see your device screen larger than it actually is. Resize or maximize the screen.

Look Focused

Ever been on a video call, and wanted to steal a glance at your phone. Look focussed and look at your phone.

Streaming Video

Watch youtube, or game videos on your Mac. What plays on your phone, stays on your phone.

Share Screen

Share your phone screen in a Teams, Zoom Video call. Record professional App Previews.

Let us know if there are more features you would like to see.

Download Screen Mirror on the Mac App Store

Setup Screen Mirror

Setup Screen Mirror

This is a new application, let me know how you think it could be made better.

  1. Launch the app, notice that there is a Mouse icon in your top toolbar
  2. Plug the iPhone or iPad into a USB cable that is connected to the Mac
    1. You will get a popup on the iDevice asking you to Trust the Mac
    2. Once you Trust the Mac, unplug and replug the iDevice
    3. If you have previously trusted the Mac you will not get a popup
  3. The first time you plug the iDevice a Popup will ask for Camera permission
    1. Please grant the camera permission or the App will not work

If you have completed these steps successfully you will see the iDevice on the Mac. You can resize/move the window to where you would like to place it. The app will remember the location that you placed it on the screen, and the next time you plug the iDevice it will popup at the same location.

You can connect as many device as you like to the Mac. See the video for more details.

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  • Why did I create Screen Mirror?

    Why did I create Screen Mirror?

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