Screen Mirror & Control

Interact with your small phone on your big display, your good speakers and your keyboard. Share your iPhone/iPad screen in Zoom/Teams….

  1. Plug in your iPhone/iPad and see the display on the Mac
  2. Watch youtube, share game view (with audio) on your Mac
  3. Interact with Facebook, Instagram, and whatsapp on the phone
  4. Use your Keyboard and Mouse to control your iPhone/iPad

If you like ScreenMirror please tell your friends, colleagues and family. I need your help in making it visible. If there’s a feature you want, let me know at

Keyboard and Mouse control does not work with MacOS Ventura.

Works with Multiple devices, plug in as many iPads and iPhones as you have.

Why Mirror your iPhone/iPad Screen

Larger View

Do you, or a loved one want to see your device screen larger than it actually is. Use your Mac Keyboard and Mouse.

Texting Thumb

Use your keyboard and not your thumbs on Instagram, Whatsapp and other phone apps.

Streaming Video

Watch youtube, or game videos on your Mac. What plays on your phone, stays on your phone.

Share Screen

Share your phone screen in a Teams, Zoom Video call. Record professional App Previews.

This app can only grow if you think it is worth telling your friends and family about. Let me know if there are more features you would like to see.

Download Screen Mirror on the Mac App Store

Setup Screen Mirror

Blog Post: Screen mirror is #133 on Mac App Store

Setup Screen Mirror

I have heard from users that my App is complicated to install. Installing Screen Mirror is like installing new hardware, has procedure, and can go wrong. The app does work; please get in touch if you have any trouble. I am continuously updating my help pages please let me know about issues you face.

Phases of app installation:

Phase 1: Plug the iPhone/iPad in with a USB/Lightning cable

Follow the prompts on the Mac and iPhone screen. If you are on a Macbook, you will get a request for permission to connect USB peripheral – Say yes. You will get a trust Mac prompt, trust the Mac, you will need to enter your phone passcode to proceed. Sometimes you need to do this twice. Keep unplugging and replugging the USB cable from the iPhone/iPad till the phone stops prompting you.

Phase 2: Giving camera permission to the App

To start phase 2, you must unplug and replug the USB cable after you trusted the Mac. At this time the App will pop up a permission dialog asking for Camera permission. The Mac sees the iPhone/iPad as a camera. You must give this permission or the app will not work. You will then see the iPhone/iPad window come up. Do not proceed further till you see the iPhone/iPad screen on the Mac.

If you have completed this phase successfully you will see the iDevice on the Mac. You can resize/move the window to where you would like to place it. The app will remember the location that you placed it on the screen, and the next time you plug the iDevice it will popup at the same location.

Phase 3: Setup bluetooth keyboard

This feature does not work in MacOS Ventura. Press the “Pair bluetooth” button, select the device, dont forget to “connect” first (like in the video). After you have paired the iPhone/iPad you can select the device.

Unplug, wait 5 seconds, plug the phone back in. This time around it will be connected over bluetooth too. Keyboard will work, but the best feature of the iPhone for keyboard control is turning on

Settings | Accessibility | Keyboards | Full Keyboard Control

Turning on gives you arrow key control over the device. This is much better to use than mouse control.

Phase 4: Get the mouse to work

Tap Control + Option; you can now use the Mouse. There is one extra step on the iPhone. The iPhone does not support the mouse by default. You need to go to:

Settings | Accessibility | Touch | Assistive Touch

Turn on assistive touch for mouse control. But this will result in a slightly irritating Assistive touch menu when you are not connected to Screen Mirror. I prefer to use Full Keyboard Access.

That’s it. Do let me know if you run into trouble. I am happy to help.

A review of Screen Mirror by Alec of Take One Tech

Thank you Alec for the Video

  • Screen mirror is #133 on Mac App Store

    Screen mirror is #133 on Mac App Store

    This is so cool…finally I see that Screen Mirror is one of the top 200 utilities on the Mac App Store. A great way to start the weekend!

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    Here we go again – Apple just broke bluetooth on MacOS Monterey

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  • Why does my phone time change to 9:41?

    Why does my phone time change to 9:41?

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    Keyboard not working with Ventura

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  • Why did I create Screen Mirror?

    Why did I create Screen Mirror?

    I wanted a way to look at my phone while looking focussed on so many video calls that I am on.

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