Help for Screen Mirror and Control

Thank you for trying Screen Mirror. I hope you like it. If there is something that is not working well, let me know

I can only find out about issues if somebody tells me. Tell me how I can make Screen Mirror better.

Why did you come here?

Power user features

There are some things that can enhance the experience of using Screen Mirror.

Enable Full Keyboard Access

Turn on Full Keyboard Access on your iPhone/iPad and you have full keyboard control of the device. Mouse is not the preferred way that you will use the iPhone/iPad. This is because you are used to touch and multi touch. This does not translate into a good experience with the mouse.

Settings | Accessibility | Keyboards | Full Keyboard Access

And turn on Full Keyboard Access. This will let you use the keyboard to navigate the iPhone/iPad.

Mouse Support

Turn on Assistive touch if you would like to use the mouse. This will let you use the mouse to control the iPhone. This is NOT required with the iPad, iPad has native mouse support.

Settings | Accessibility | Touch | Assistive touch

and turn on Assistive Touch. There are a lot of options and controls for Assistive touch, please use them to tune your experience.

Hide App Icon in Dock

If you would like to have Screen Mirror in the background, and not always showing when you use command tab, you can Hide the Icon. This will allow access only from the toolbar menu.